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Although the activities organised by the Kate Kennedy Club have grown, at the very centre remains the organisation of the annual Procession, which now features over 100 costumed characters. Maintenance of the coaches and costumes remains a time-consuming job, and the programme of repair and replacement is constantly being updated. This, in turn, led to the realisation that the value of the items used in the Procession, together with the Club's extensive archive, is worth a considerable sum of money. It was felt by the Club that the responsibility for managing these assets should be more formally organised - and it is with this intention that The Kate Kennedy Trust was formed, with the full support of the Club.

The Trust is a registered Scottish Charity (number SCO26695) and has taken into its care all the historical assets of the Club and is responsible for their preservation and conservation. The use of these assets is confined to the annual Procession and associated activities solely of an educational and non-commercial nature. We are always grateful for any further support and if you wish to make a donation, please contact president@katekennedyclub.org.uk.

The KK Trustees are Mr John Matthews, Dr Frank Quinault (Treasurer), Mr Martin Passmore (Chairman), The Reverend Dr Henry Sefton, Dr David Sinclair and Mrs Anne Tynte-Irvine. The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Keepers of Costumes and Coaches of the Club make up the remaining members of the Trust, serving as ex-officio Trustees for their year of office.

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