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Kate Kennedy Members

In 1926 two students Donald Kennedy and James Doak, inspired by J. M Barrie's Rectorial address on "Courage" and with the assistance of Principal Sir James Irvine revived the The Kate Kennedy Spring Procession. The Procession was to be organised solely by the Kate Kennedy Club, a stipulation by the University Court and the Principal.

Tradition places the Procession on the 5th March. By the time of the first extant records, the Procession was no longer entirely respectable or desirable. Having fallen into the wrong hands and onto the wrong lines, the university authorities banned it in 1881.

In February 1926 one or two enthusiasts who had long hankered after a revival, outlined their proposals to the principal and made promises in return for permission to restart the festival of the Lady Kate. It was run as an historical progression, though far from completely illustrative of St Andrews history by reason of lack of funds. Yet it was a beginning and with every year was considerably extended. In 1926, the great problem was to ensure that Kate should never again be liable to banishment, that rules and regulations should clearly define future activities of the Procession.

The Kate Kennedy Club exists to preserve the Kate Kennedy Procession and:
1. Maintain the traditions of the University and town of St. Andrews
2. Uphold and improve Town and Gown relations
3. Raise money for local charities

The number of members cannot exceed sixty and only male matriculated students of St Andrews University are eligible to apply for membership. The Club admits nine bejants each year, after a series of interviews. It also invites male tertians and magistrands who the Club deems to have been outstanding contributors to the University, Town and Kate Kennedy Club to join.

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